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Woo Hoo man im so happy! u think DMC!!

2007-09-17 16:29:14 by SiMpSoN-bRuVaS

Hey guys.. and gals haha. MY DMC series!

Anyway i just submitted my latest Devil May Cry flash in the 'mission' series and it came out really well! i'm so happy because its my first flash that i am proud of that i have submitted to NG.

guys im puzzled tho.... why isnt there a devil May Cry Collection on Newgrounds? i mean there are at least 15 good devil may cry flash' so doesn't that mean that it deserves a collection?

well my latest flash brings my flash count up to 4 and hopefully 8 by the time my devil May Cry series is finished xD!

im not sure if this is allowed but here is the link to my latest flash ( xD) if you want to check it out!
- woohoo! man im so proud of my series!!!

oh yeah.. egorapter.. where is you're latest compilation?


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2007-09-17 16:30:57

Today's the 17. Not the 19. Therefore it has not been submitted.


2007-09-17 16:31:29

dude you're flash owns!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah... i think devil may cry should have a collection but im not sure how many flashes there has to be on a certain thing.. like metal gear has over 100 flashes so im not sure on that.

(i gave flash 5/5 btw =))


2007-09-21 06:11:23

Im Gonna have a look at this Devil May Cry flash, have a piss and tell you what i think


2007-10-13 11:09:08